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"And if we travel all over the world to find the beautiful:

We have to carry it within us, otherwise we won't find it."     

Ralph Waldo Emerson

For me, wellness, health and well-being - especially in a holistic sense - are the cornerstones of cosmeticsand beauty.

When we feel comfortable in our bodies, we radiate that. Our skin is then able to reflect this well-being to the outside world, and that is what I call “beauty”.

A fresh, healthy complexion automatically radiates joy of life and youthfulness.  With the optimally tailored products and the right treatment, you and your skin are in the best hands with us.

Complementing health, naturalness and of course cosmetics in the true sense with the latest findings from the fields of technology and physiology or creating a bridge between these "worlds" is one of the most interesting things about my work for me.

"For me, cosmetics mean, in the best sense, the optimal complement and expansion of my inner health, as well as balance and therefore beauty."


Eva Maria Strasser

Studio management GF

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